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Kid's Zone Dentistry
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Phone: 706-882-0591

Welcome to Excellent LaGrange Dentistry

Bring Your Smile Home to Kid’s Zone!

Welcome to you and your child’s new dental home! We are so happy to see you here.

At Kid’s Zone Dentistry, we think everybody deserves warm, caring, compassionate, and most of all – excellent – dental care in a nurturing, comfortable environment. Every child is welcomed and treated with a gentle touch.

Your child will receive the time, praise and attention he or she needs. We encourage parents to stay with their children and help them relax.

No More Dental Fears!

If your child feels a bit nervous, let us know. We go out of our way to make sure even the youngest child feels calm and at ease. We think laughter is good medicine and a great icebreaker – if you have a frightened or fidgety child, don’t be afraid to tell us. We will do our best to help them relax and laugh with us.

We also know that even when your child isn’t nervous about visiting us, YOU might be! It’s just one more reason we involve you in every aspect of your child’s care.

We Can Save Your Child’s Smile

Pediatric dental care and hygiene are very important parts of keeping your child’s teeth strong. Kids can begin their dental care as early as one year of age. We offer the latest advancements so your children can grow and maintain healthy, strong smiles for the rest of their lives. Even more importantly, we educate parents and children about taking care of their teeth at home.

Every parent wants the best for their child’s smile and we don’t believe excellent care should have limitations. Call us today to find out more about our pediatric dentistry and how we can help your children keep their teeth and their smiles healthy for life.